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An ANNIE AWARD winning short film directed by Alfredo Gerard, Marlijn Van Nuenen, and Ram Tamez.

A young Mexican smuggler is traveling on top of a cargo train called LA BESTIA (The Beast) with a package, a little girl he needs to deliver to the USA. But a minor injury on his leg makes him sick, transforming his perception of the journey.

Director - Art Direction - Visual Development - Color Script - Backgrounds - Props

Having a small team and a 7-minute Film, It was a challenge to create an efficient production-friendly art style. Creating a Style guide helped to maintain the style and color transformation throughout the film.

Color script.jpg

La Bestia, the beast itself being a complex creature our take was to have a single flat color while having a complex rough line art. It helped to keep the complexity of the character and easier for production.

La Bestia won the Best Student film at the Annie award 2021, TAAFI, FIAF, and 10 awards along with 75+ festival selections around the world.

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